did not return to RS gold Iaia

  • Hannibus came to Gielinor at the Second Age and did not return to RS gold Iaia before we meet Sharrigan, meaning Hannibus had a child back Iaia before the Third Age on Gielinor.We also understand that Hannibus did not know he had a 4x-great-grandaughter as in discussions in One of a Kind he tells her"It had been great to have met you. Is Vindicta special in some way that's enabled her to stay alive this long? Or are there still multi-great grandparent Ilujan*a living on Iaia?And should they do live that long, why could Sharrigan and many other Ilujan*a be imagining the species extinction if they might live for centuries issue to consider in. Vindicta is more than 2000 years old.

    In my effort to draw the attention of this Runescape and gaming community...I plan on starting up a series on youtube talking the lore and my personal feelings seeing it. You can find me under the title"Aduro Tri" on youtube. So please. I've uploaded a movie regarding Saradomin and the lore. Or at the very least a fraction of it.I can do the rest of the with all the other gods along with the return of Seren at"The Light Within". Why don't you expand from the site and on Youtube?

    Its exceptionally hinted that the thief who did stealings or all the kidnappings is a vampyre. Its been hinted times and even the wife of Ned hinted it might be. The description is shameful talons/claws and wings, we know blooded vampyres can cross the salve. So its possible it may even be Vanescula along with her fate in the early era after the events of R.o.B.. It has power to make an whole room go pitch black and remove all light as Vanstrom has shown to be buy 2007 runescape gold effective at through a boss fight.