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  • So though plot threads were wrapped up, River of Blood happened pursuit can not play with RuneScape gold yet or were given some information on. However there are a few small ones that might not be solved, and have yet to be solved. The mods said that some of the small plot threads could never be wrapped up, rather than every puzzle is ever answered, reality. So, what demands an answer?ALSO SPOILERS!First lets start off with questions which have been solved/talked around but nobody understood (bulk of info in this segment comes from Q&A).IS VANSTROM ASCERTES LIKE WHAT!? YesMod Rowl*y confirmed he was this time, however, it was never stated in-game since it could have been useless to deliver up following his death.How was Ascertes a Vampyre prior to the process was possible? Lorefail JagexNo y said that vamp rification was formerly possible, however, it did not necessarily in Paterdomus from the coffin?

    Ivandis Seergaze you may inquire? In the book you get from the bookshelf at Paterdomus, Ivandis says that after a ritual it cost him his humanity, and he transformed into a vampyre. With partners and all of his friends he travelled although that he could not harm anyone else, but returned to Paterdomus after failed attempts to save himself, restraining himself in the coffin. He was alive all this time, and after you bless the Salve to ensure Ms **inates become feral, his coffin starts shaking, meaning he turned feral. He cries in his coffin, possibly from reverting only reverting and suffocating, or perhaps just because he had been old after becoming a human again after you bless the Salve using the ability to revert Vyres to people. Long text wow.

    This may have been answered , but what Rock is Drakan talking about during the pursuit? So that is where you have been gone? We thought you secluded on your quarters, obsessing over that'stone'. "Drakan:"Do I seem a moody vyreling to you, sulking in my room? No, that'stone' showed me the way - its reduction delayed my plans. "To me, that sounds like the Rock of Jas, but that I might have forgotten something out of the prior quests which this is a buy OSRS gold mention. And I mean, the dialogue does look as the way the users felt around the Rock (obsessed, enlightened). So, thoughts? Did I miss something? (I did a little digging around and came up with a timeline/theory on page two!)