Installation Error AOL Desktop Gold On Windows 10

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    Although users are quite satisfied with their experience with the AOL, sometimes it might cause some difficulties for the users. Installation error is one of those problems encountered by the users of AOL. This error occurs when the user tries to download aol gold. It leads to the freezing of the system for a fraction of seconds, which could hamper your work or your system will start functioning slow. This error is quite common and can be resolved easily. You are just required to ring up help aol com to get expert’s assistance and guidance. But before this, have a look at the causes and the steps to fix this error which is provided below:


    Causes of the installation error

    -          There might be a corrupt windows registry system due to any recent download activity

    -          Maybe there is any malicious software or virus in the system which is hampering and corrupting Windows system files


    Some instructions that you could use to resolve this error are:

    -          Method 1: Look for the requirements of the software-

    • Before beginning to install the software, ensure that your computer at least has 1 GB of RAM.
    • Ensure that internet connection which you are using is strong
    • You are recommended to use the latest version of the web browser  which you are using
    • It is necessary for the computer to have a processor having 266MHz or higher
    • Screen resolutions should be 1024*768

    -          Method 2: You need to check that the computer operating system that you are using and the AOL desktop gold should not conflict each other

    -          Method 3:  Restarting your system is again an important part of the fixing process because it releases some RAM. If you regularly restart your system, it will ensure that you have enough RAM which enables any kind of software to install smoothly

    -          Method 4: You will be required to run Window system file checker to see if there is any issue in  your system

    -          Method 5: It is necessary for you to find and install appropriate drivers in your system to conquer this issue


    These are some easy steps that you could follow to fix the installation error. If you are facing trouble in implementing any of these steps or if the issue still persists and is not allowing you to install aol gold, you can get in touch with aol support number to avail assistance from the techies who provide you with the best and the genuine solution to your issue. These experts are available 24 hours at your service, and you can freely call them and report your issue even at midnight.


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