How to fix AOL Gold freezes or not responding

  • AOL gold is determined to fix the problems of users and maintain their internet activities and email communication promisingly. It has been offering a lot of useful features to the users to keep them active and up to date always. So AOL gold becomes the favorite icon in your system to get the access easily and quickly. However, due to some reasons, you may find that the AOL icon doesn’t respond and create a problem for you. Now you should not be worry because it can be solved easily with some easy steps that are provided in the blog. This blog will help you get fixed, but if you are not a getting the solution, then you can download aol gold desktop software and get fixed.


    Easy steps to solve the issue:

    The issue of freezing icon can be solved easily if you are able to follow these steps given below.

    1. 1.      Restart your system:

    One of the quickest solutions is to restart your system, and you should go for this once you get the issue. So get the solution to proceed with these steps:

    • First, you need to save your files and close all the programs.
    • Then click on the restart button from the menu or press ALT+F4 key altogether to restart the PC.


    1. 2.      Check network connection:

    Weak or poor internet connection may create issues of connectivity, and that  can cause the error of freezing.

    • Go to the control panel and find the option ‘network and sharing’.
    • Next, you need to click on troubleshoot problems’ that you get under the ‘network settings’ category.
    • Then select the option ‘internet connections’.
    • On the same window, you will get the ‘network adaptor’ option to troubleshoot Ethernet, wireless, and other adapters. Then it will display the issues of modem and internet connectivity.
    • Try to fix them and restart your computer to save changes.


    1. 3.      Remove the malicious software:

    There may be some worms and Trojans horses that can create some issues to prevent AOL icon from open. So you need to fix them with these steps:

    • Go to start button and open control panel.
    • Click on ‘manage another account’ option that you will get under ‘user accounts’ option.
    • Now you can delete the current account if it is corrupted and then use the new account.
    1. 4.      Update the AOL software:

    You should try to update the software manually. If it is not getting updated automatically.

    • Once you install all the updates, you can use the all-new AOL desktop gold software.

    These methods will make you able to resolve your issue, but if you are not getting the proper solution, then you should install aol desktop gold again to your computer and try to use it afresh without any issue.


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