Solve AOL downloading error 205 issue

  • AOL mail is quite advanced and easy to use and help you to improve the quality of communication through emails. It is able to provide you some of the quality support with great features that make your email experience more enhanced and exciting. However, from time to time, you  may observe some issues that can lead you into trouble. You may have some problems, but that can be solved easily with some clear approach towards the solution. AOL downloading error 205 is such an issue that can prevent you from accessing your favorite email, but the solution is easy. You may need to Reinstall AOL desktop gold again to your computer in such case if all the solution gets failed.

    Reset the web settings:

    • If you have a browser already installed in your computer other than the default browser, then you need to alter some settings.
    • So you need to reset the settings of your internet browser.
    • You have to change the homepage settings, search pages, and default browser without getting into the settings of another browser.

    Get the download from a reliable source:

    You should download the AOL software from a reliable site, and the best option could be the official website itself. Now follow these steps to complete the process:

    • First, you need to go to the AOL official website.
    • Download the AOL software.
    • The go to the downloads and run the file that you have downloaded.
    • You need to click on the option ‘upgrade existing version’ and then click on continue.
    • Then you can choose your AOL settings as per your preferences.
    • Review the settings and install location then follow the screen instruction to install it on your computer.

    Use the compatible mode to download and run the file:

    You need to download the software again from a reliable source keeping your computer on compatible mode.

    • Now download and save the file on the desktop.
    • Go to the exe.file in your desktop and double click on that.
    • Then choose appropriate properties and click on the option of compatibility.
    • Now chose to run the program in compatibility mode.
    • Click apply and then press ok.
    • If you exist, user, then you have to click on “upgrade existing version” and select your email address to copy the preview version settings.
    • Next, you have to click on continue.
    • You can change the AOL settings as per your choice.
    • At last review your settings and location to install the program in your computer.

    Once you do some early steps, you will be getting the exact solutions to fix the issue. However, in some, it is not possible to fix the issue easily. So you will need to AOL gold download again to your computer.


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