Solve AOL Gold login errors

  • AOL Desktop Gold is a browser that allows you to explore all the aspects of AOL through a user-friendly interface. Once you login to AOL Gold you can check and reply to emails, play games online, chat with friends and family and browse the web at a faster speed. There are different ways to download and install AOL gold desktop depending on your AOL membership. Once you download the software you can use your AOL credentials to log in and begin using the browser. However, the login process does not always go through smoothly. AOL users often experience login error even when they are using the correct username and password. Since login error on your AOL Desktop Gold account could indicate a security breach you should call the AOL customer support number and consult an expert to check if your account is secure. You can also have a look at the troubleshooting solutions mentioned below to see if you can fix the AOL Gold login error on your own.

    Step to Solve AOL Gold login errors

    Most troubleshooting steps that need to be implemented depending on the cause of the error in the first place. As far as possible you should try and identify the reason behind the login error since that will make it easy to find the correct solution. Here are some basic steps you can follow to rectify common login error:

    • Solution 1: Reset AOL Password: Users are required to enter their AOL username and password when they want to access AOL Desktop Gold. If you cannot remember your sign-in details then you will have to reset your AOL password in order to access your account. Keep in mind that you need to verify your identity before you can reset your AOL Gold password.
    • Solution 2: Check the browser settings: If your password and AOL username is correct then it is possible that you are experiencing this sort of login error because there is a problem with your internet browser. You should make sure the time and date are accurate. You should make sure JavaScript is enabled and that all the necessary browser updates are completed.
    • Solution 3: Third-party Compatibility Error: AOL Desktop Gold is such a popular software exactly because it can be used on all devices and all major operating systems. However, there are times when certain third-party applications or programs may cause compatibility errors on AOL Gold. This includes your firewall and antivirus software as well. You can try temporarily disable these apps and software and then try and login to AOL Desktop Gold.

    As mentioned earlier, these are just basic solutions. However, if you have tried these solutions but still cannot resolve the login problem you can call the AOL customer support number and ask for additional technical assistance. AOL experts are available 24 hours a day to help you resolve any login error so that your account is secure and you do not have to worry about any security breach when it comes to download AOL desktop gold.


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