6 most common AOL Gold Problems

  • AOL is an American company, and is brand marketed by Oath and is a subsidiary of Verizon Communications.  AOL Desktop Gold is one of a kind and it features and combines all the things that you have loved about AOL. With the speed and reliability and embedded with the latest technology, you can use this amazing software for emailing, web browsing, etc. AOL Desktop Gold also gives you an option to bookmark your favorite websites, customizes the fonts, import and export data, etc.  Even though AOL desktop is ingrained with lot many features, but the users still complain that they face with some problems. If you are encountering with any issue related to this software, then you can directly reach out to the AOL Gold customer support number and avail answers to all your queries.

    There are some common issues that AOL Desktop Gold encounters with. Some of them include AOL Desktop Gold icon went missing, not responding, automatic update not working, error code 104, AOL email problems or sign-in issue, AOL password recovery problem. In this blog, you will be able to understand a brief overview of these six most common problems that you can face with this software and how you can resolve them. Let’s take a look at them one by one.

    1. 1.    AOL Desktop Gold icon went missing:

    AOL Desktop Gold has this amazing feature, where you can access this software by just clicking the desktop icon. But what if suddenly it goes missing from the desktop and you are unable to find it? In that case, you can use the following solution:

    Ñ     Bring your mouse pointer to the desktop’s system tray.

    Ñ     Click on the arrow and customize the icons which are hidden.

    Ñ     Search for AOL Desktop Gold icon and drag it to the desktop and create its shortcut.


    1. 2.    AOL Desktop Gold not responding/ working:

    Sometimes, you are unable to load the main page of the software and the symbol keeps on loading and loading forever. In that case, you should try the given solution:

    Ñ     Perform the system restoration process to undo any recent changes

    Ñ     Clean boot the system, if not responding to windows 7

    Ñ     Make sure that the outgoing and ingoing server settings are correct.

    Ñ     If anything doesn’t work, then reinstall the software in your device again.


    1. 3.    AOL Gold download error/error code 104:

    If you are unable to AOL gold download in your system, then make sure you verify all the given details:

    Ñ     Make sure that you checked the system requirements before starting with the process.

    Ñ     Delete all the junk files and make enough space in your system.

    Ñ     All the system drivers in your computing device should be updated.

    Ñ     Run an anti-virus scan in your system.

    Ñ     Restore your system back to the previous setting and undo the recent changes.


    1. 4.    AOL gold sign-in errors:

    Sign-in errors are very common when you work on AOL mail and you can rectify them by implementing these basic troubleshooting steps:

    Ñ     Try using a different web browser.

    Ñ     Disable the firewall settings.

    Ñ     Clear all the cookies, caches and history.

    Ñ     Wait for some time, and then try as the server may be down

    Ñ     Make sure that you are using correct login credentials


    1. 5.    AOL gold automatic update not working:

    It can be really troublesome if the automatic update feature stops working all of a sudden. Just rectify it by executing the given guidelines:

    Ñ     Go to start>enter update and then navigate to Windows update.

    Ñ     Tick mark the boxes which say’ install automatic updates’ and save the changes.


    1. 6.    AOL mail password recovery issues:

    Not able to recover your forgotten AOL password? Don’t worry, you can get it back easily by these easy steps:

    Ñ     Open the AOL email recovery address and enter your username and name.

    Ñ     Now type the last four digits of your credit card which has been linked to the AOL account.

    Ñ     Now give your registered email address or phone number and follow the prompts to get your password recovery with the help of recovery key.

    The above given are some of the few usual errors that you can face with install AOL gold desktop. If you encounter yourself with any other error and wish to get a solution, then you can reach out to the technical executives at AOL Desktop Gold customer care and get the help.


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