Import or export mail and other data with AOL Desktop Gold

  • There are many ways by which you can import or export emails and other data in AOL Desktop Gold, and this blog will discuss some of the given methods. First, one needs to understand why is import and export necessary and how will it help you in the future reference? Even if you have accidentally come across this blog, you can read it even then to gain an insight into the process. It will hardly take 5-10 minutes to give it a glance, and you can always make notes if you desire. First, let’s understand what does actually import and export means? In layman terms, import and export are basically transferring of anything (be it goods, data, etc.) from one place to another. In computers and laptops, you can import and export data from one system to another, or from one version to another by employing some methods. There can be different reasons for which an individual can opt for this process. Maybe the concerned is changing the system or purchasing a new one. It can be the case that someone else desires it on their computer. The version of the software has been updated. There can be different reasons, and it would not be feasible to go into details and stick with, what this blog demands. Looking forward to the issue of importing and exporting emails and data with AOL desktop Gold, let’s proceed further and have a look at different methods that one can employ. And just for reference, to avoid any error with this software, it is highly recommended that you AOL desktop gold download from a trusted source.


    Importing and exporting data from one computer to another:


    ï Login to the AOL Desktop Gold with your admin login credentials

    ï Go into General settings>My Data Tab

    ï You will be given with the options of ‘Import or Export’. Select the one that you desire, and choose the file on which you wish to imply the desired action.

    ï If you need to export, just create any password. This password will help you to import the file to another computer.

    ï If you need to import, you need to provide with a password that was created previously by you.

    ï You can view the data into the computer by providing with the password and will have access to it in the AOL Gold software.


    Importing data from the older version of AOL Gold to a new version


    e Sign in to the AOL Desktop Gold by entering your username and password.

    e A menu bar will open, select the option of File and then choose ‘Import Wizard’

    e Click Okay to import the process.

    e The import wizard can only be used to import the data from the older version of AOL Gold to the current one that you would be using.


    Once you have done with the process, you can always choose the option to install AOL gold in your system again, if you are not able to view the data. There can be some errors in the software. You can uninstall the program, install it back again and then continue with the process.



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