Troubleshoot Error Messages in AOL Desktop Gold

  • Once you download AOL desktop gold on your system then you are ready to explore the experience of accessing emails, or browse the internet and even watch the videos from one place only. But people while using these desktop software’s have to encounter many issues in terms of the error message and for resolving these error messages they have to do lots of research and hard work. But you can prevent yourself from doing hard work by just going through these blogs where you can knowledge about all kinds of error which can occur in AOL Desktop Gold.


    How to troubleshoot Error messages in AOL Desktop Gold?

    Error 1- Unable to download AOL Desktop Gold

    Users sometimes face issue while downloading AOL Desktop Gold at that time they should try to follow below-mentioned troubleshooting tips:

    • Run the available antivirus software to remove all kinds of malware and viruses from your system
    • Clean your all kinds of junk file like cache and cookie data along with temporary files from your PC
    • Verify the compatibility of your system with the version of AOL desktop you are installing

    Error 2- Login Problem

    Sometimes the login screen of AOL goes missing or is blank at that time you should do the steps that are given below:

    • Clear all the footprints of your browser by deleting cache and cookies
    • Try using another web browser rather than your regular one
    • Upgrade your browser to the latest update which is available

    Error 3- AOL Desktop Gold not working

    If after clicking on the icon of AOL desktop gold it does not open the home page or nothing happens then so as to fix it:

    • Ensure that your system is upgraded with the latest available updates
    • Make sure Active Scripting and Java is not blocked in your browser
    • You can try to disable ‘Adds on’ of your system browser

    Error 4- AOL Desktop Gold icon goes missing

    When the icon of your AOL Gold goes missing then you can restore it by going through these steps:

    • Open the system tray of your PC.
    • Look for the icon of AOL Desktop Gold in the tray
    • If the icon is available then right click on it to create the shortcut of this desktop software

    Error 5- Cannot update AOL Desktop Gold

    Sometimes people face hindrances while updating their desktop software at that time they can try these steps:

    • Ensure that you have turned on the automatic update features in your system
    • Make sure that other applications are not blocking your path of updating this software

    Error 6- AOL Desktop Gold is running slow

    A Slow running software or application is really annoying and if you want to never witness the slow running of AOL Desktop Gold then do the following:

    • Restart your computer if you have not turned it off recently
    • Enable only essential application when your system turns on
    • Scan your desktop for any kind of malicious viruses

    These are some of the issues which can be faced by users after they have to install AOL gold desktop on their PC and have begun using it. So users should always keep in mind to download this desktop software from a reliable and trusted source and before installing check the system requirement too.


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