How to update Flash Player in the AOL Desktop Software

  • Flash Player is a software for using the content created on the Adobe Flash platform which includes watching multimedia contents, streaming audio, videos and much more. It was initially generated by Macromedia but at current is developed and distributed by Adobe Systems Inc. Updating the Flash Player on the AOL Desktop software is an essential thing, at the same time very easy to get done with. You can get on with this process after you AOL gold desktop download.




    You can easily update the Flash Player in AOL Desktop software during anytime you want by simply following some very basic steps or even by taking some assistance from the customer support team. If you have not installed the updated version of the software, you can do so by visiting the official site of Adobe Flash Player to get and install it. The steps you can follow to get this job done has been stated below:

    • Open the web browser on your AOL Desktop and maneuver to the Flash Player update option
    • Choose your operating system from the given drop down menu
    • Opt for the latest version of Flash Player
    • Click on the download option available on the right side
    • Once the download is complete, double click on the Flash Player install file to initiate the installation process
    • If any security warning pops up based on your operating system, approve it to continue with the installation process
    • Navigate through the installation process up till the latest version of the Flash Player has been installed
    • Post installation, restart your system to complete the installation process

    If you install AOL gold desktop in the appropriate manner, there are very few chances of coming across any malfunction in the future while using the software. It is not huge task to update the Flash Player, not only on the desktop version but even on the mobile device. There are several features that this software offers to its users. This software also don’t not compromise with the security of your system. It inculcates a two-screen verification process which keeps your account safe and secure during all times. Moreover, in the AOL Desktop version you get this additional feature of being able to customize the fonts and texts.


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