Exciting Career Path in nsx engineer

  • The roles and responsibilities of VMware NSX professional vary in terms of cloud security and virtualization. The role of a VMware engineer is more focused on network technologies and security which covers the physical networking and firewalling facilities. The NSX network expert deliver network and security infrastructure for an organization. They play a critical role in building and sustaining client relations while driving the implementation of VMware solutions across the appropriate department of the company.

    Following are the standard responsibilities of a VMware NSX Engineer which are as follows

    • Providing security and network support for physical networking and firewall services.
    • Ensuring network reliability and availability through well-planned and implemented solutions
    • Delivering network and security infrastructures
    • Developing, maintaining, and supporting networks in NSX/NSX-T
    • Implementing networking and VXLAN technologies
    • Monitoring the automation of network deployment and configuration, along with the integration of infrastructure (computer/storage) automation
    • Configuring and monitoring network security layers
    • Monitoring integration with other software-defined networking technologies
    • Improving network manageability and scalability