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  • Trump has continued to be a major media presence, however, giving interviews to NBC and CNN and making nearly a dozen appearances on Fox News since June. Trump also met privately with Fox News chief Roger Ailes, a longtime friend, eight days after announcing his presidential bid, Politico reported Wednesday. The scandal over his comments on immigration exploded the next day.

    Fabric Mod Podge: It's not just wood or paper that people like to decoupage it's fabric too! Not only that, you can decoupage fabric to other surfaces. This formula does both. For best results, lightly brush this formula onto the fabric and allow it to dry before cutting. It eliminates fraying. (Project Idea: No Sew Tote Bags)

    The ceremony begins with ritual purification. Next prayers are offered for the couple to have good luck, happiness and the protection of the kami. Then Golden Goose the couple drinks sake taking three sips each from three cups poured by the miko (shrine maiden) and the groom reads words of commitment.

    In the heat of a presidential campaign, you'd think that a story about one party's nominee giving a large contribution to a state attorney general who promptly shut down an inquiry into that nominee's scam "university" would be enormous news. But we continue to hear almost nothing about what happened between Donald Trump and Florida attorney general Pam Bondi.

    In fact, typically in the BOOT projects that have been undertaken, City Link, the Western one (I lose my numbers here in Sydney) most of these projects have had large stretches of public road thrown in to the nothing. So the idea that the very first slide put up by John (I think it was) that only commercially viable projects be undertaken if we have BOOTs is simply totally inapplicable to a road project, which has been the primary case where the BOOT system has been operated. We can't tell from the fact that it's profitable, that it was desirable, or from the fact that it was unprofitable or undesirable.

    LGBT rights are not distinct from other types of rights everyone should have. The reasons people are targeted for antiLGBT violence has everything to do without other identities they have (race, class, gender, etc). I would like our leaders to pay attention to the needs and experiences of the most marginalized members of our community: those who are constantly at risk for incarceration, detainment, harassment, and police violence. Largely this is trans women of color. I would like future leaders to prioritize guaranteed housing and health care and an end to police, ICE, and prison control over marginalized communities. That what LGBT rights are made of.