Taking Help with Assignment Is Morally Incorrect: Busting the M

  • Once two friends, namely Jack and Jill, were discussing their grades. Jack got A + whereas Jill only got a mediocre grade. Jill asked Jack, "I also worked hard for completing my assignment, then why my grade is lower than yours?" Jack answered, "Well, you are no doubt a hard worker, but I work smartly, and there is a difference between hard and smart work that most of the people fail to notice." Jill said "Oh! I'm in no mood for jokes, tell me straight away what do you mean." Jack replied "Well, I took help with assignment  from a renowned website, known as Instant Assignment Help. The experts there are amazing.They helped me get the grade of my dreams. "Jill was shocked to hear this. He said" That means you cheated, it is morally incorrect. Wait, I'm going to complain it to the professor. "To this Jack replied" You are highly mistaken. Taking help with assignment does not imply cheating. This is a misconception you need to stop believing in. Jill was bewildered, with confusion written all over his face, he asked: "Tell me how is this not equal to cheating." Jack said "I know you won't trust me, thus, I have called the experts, at Instant Assignment Help. They will explain to you. Now, are you excited to know what the assignment writing professionals said? Well, for knowing that ,


    How Taking Help with Assignment Is Not Morally Incorrect?

    Here are the proofs you need. Go through them carefully.

    Copyrighted Work: The assignments sold to the students are always copyrighted. You cannot submit it directly to the professor. If you do so, then this amounts to plagiarism. Plagiarized content can lead to loss of your grades.

    Gives Topic’s Knowledge: The assignments we provide to the students are intended to acquaint them with the topic. We aim to make them understand what the theme is and how to cover it in the assignment.

    Encourages Research: Many intelligent minds think we discourage research. But, this is not true. We encourage it by providing the list of sources from where you can get more information about the assignment’s topic.

    Inclusion of new ideas: You cannot come up with new ideas about the theme when a tailor-made assignment is in your hands. These are the views of some of the students. But, the reality is something else. These assignments are only a guide that you can use to study the topic, make notes, and come up with new ideas to include in the document. Further, you can also review the sources listed by us and give your opinion on them.


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