These changes make MapleStory M

  • We wanted to try out various things that may only be completed in 3D because there's a limit to character customization in 2D; Maple Mobile Mesos, various dance emotes, hats and hairstyles where you can alter the length or position, etc.. Once we decided on it, changing it was determined instantly.

    PowerUp! -- The home is an exciting feature of MapleStory M. What made you employ it and what programs do you have to attract players to build their houses? Lead Game Designer, Miyoung Oh -- Since the map itself is in block form, map creation has been very easy for the planners along with other members operating on maps, not just for designers.

    Then we believed this would be easy and enjoyable for players also and they need to try it out since it is made up of blocks. We're in discussions with Nexon America about advice about the best way best to develop the housing content farther. Please look forward to it as it will be revealed at the ideal time.

    With customisation seeming to be the focus buy MaplestoryM Mesos, it's a fact that every character and their house can feel unique with the abundance of alternatives available to them. But I was curious about professions in addition to the class system. Any plans to add class changing in the foreseeable future?

    For those of us who can not make our minds.There are no plans yet. Since you're able to gain experience and level up through different ways in MapleStory M, we urge that gamers produce a secondary character.The professions were entertaining content in MapleStory, but it was hard for new players to level up anything aside from gathering. What is the plan to make professions significant in MapleStory M?


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