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  • Regardless of the shift to 3D, Maple Mobile Mesos smartly retains elements of this game and storytelling that made the first so distinctive. The urban thief hideout that's Kerning City, along with certain cities such as Henesys' cheery huts, are retained when you enter, bringing a sense of nostalgia back, and their theme music plays.

    The core of the narrative is still the same, although the storyline has developed and included dozens of new characters: it is the Black Mage versus the empress. The thief course is still available and are assassin, and knight, priest, archer gunner. Some less-welcome elements of the first are still in-place, such as the Nexon game launcher.

    When you're at the game, a lot can be forgiven, given it. At its heart MapleStory is an internet destination for friends to gather like Neopets or Club Penguin. I met my current boyfriend of nearly 3 years when an summer brought us back into the match, and have fulfilled Maple friends in real life from the buy Maple M Mesos. We keep in touch, even though none of us play with the game anymore.

    The folks of MapleStory M seem nice enough for now. When I died and got pinned by a tombstone, I clicked in chat for help, and someone actually walked over and revived mebefore telling me he had not helped me sooner because he thought I was an non-playable character as a result of my own suspiciously easy username.

    It is hard to predict where MapleStory M goes, whether it is going to capture that crowd that is dedicated or whether it is going to fall into the very same traps that resulted in its demise. Some of the things that plagued the original game, like DDOS attacks during one winter and lag that is random, are a consequence of age and obsolete infrastructure. The game also includes a limited number of meaningful content, which may bore veteran players that burnt through the main narrative.


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