Fortnite Here Is The Season

  • Season 7 Fortnite is now underway on Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC, and cellular devices. The season kicked off together with the launch of the large 7.0 upgrade, which introduced a load of new fortnite materials for sale material into the hit battle royale game, such as new areas of the map, even a brand new plane vehicle, more cute pets, and naturally, fresh challenges to complete and cosmetics to unlock.

    As usual, Epic will release a new set of challenges for Fortnite every week. These are once again split up those accessible to everybody, and those only for Fight Pass owners. Completing the challenges will reward you with XP and degree your Battle Walk up, thus allowing you to unlock the Season 7 Battle Pass that is new rewards.

    In addition to the standard jobs that were weekly, Epic has also introduced new Snowfall challenges this season. These are 7's equal of the Hunting Party challenges from Season 6, which means that you can finish them by finishing the challenges all from a given week. By doing this, a unique loading screen that includes a hint pointing to some free item hidden somewhere around the staircase will be unlocked.

    You'll unlock the loading screen over if you've completed the challenges all from one week. It depicts Zenith--one of the two new progress skins you'll receive automatically for purchasing a Season 7 Battle Pass--ziplining down the side cheap fortnite items of the snow mountain which was introduced to the island this year. You're spot a submarine that is crashed on one of those peaks in the background, over which is the faint shape of a Battle Star When you look just left of this character.

    The submarine above is exactly the one you need to dancing atop as part of one of the multi-stage challenges of Week 1. It's situated on the mountain to the east of Frosty Flights. Head to the place at the beginning of a game, find the submarine, and the Battle Star will appear above it. Collect it your Battle Pass'll level up and as you would any other item.


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