Maplestory M player following a long hiatus

  • Bottom line: Attempting to induce the same alternating-skill playstyle on all courses is bound to alienate a large part of the game's players. I think that Maplestory M Mesos  a mistake.MapleStorym Expand the Buddylist to more than 100+

    Since my server has merged with the other, I believe our buddylist should be expanded to more than 100+ slots. I like to make new friends especially when it makes the game much more fun to play with and less lonely but following the entire world merge, it is hard to make any new friends because my buddy list has already maxed out to 100/100.

    Many of my friends and I were looking forward to the merge because our host was a small empty and since we got new people to best maplestory m mesos site , we would love to add them all within our buddylist.

    Or maybe 300? Heck even 150 is fine but many of us are missing chances to make new friends within the game, MapleStory, and making new friends would create us continue to play the sport as it would not feel lonely.

    Yes, we still got our first friends ahead of the entire world merge but a number of them are going on a long holiday, going to school, work, etc it would get quiet sometimes within the buddy chat.So yeah.... I hope that I gave a precise reason why people must get a buddy list growth. The more friends, the greater reason to perform !


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