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    While using the Amazon Fire Stick, it has been seen that the users come across various issues. Some of which are when the device starts to buffer, the device closes on its own or even hangs in between. It has often been reported that the device does not accept command of the Fire Stick Remote and even users witnessing a blank screen. There are few reasons because of which the Fire Stick shows a blank screen. It is always important that you understand the reason which is causing the problem, as it makes solving the issue more convenient. You can always connect with the Amazon Firestick Tech Support Number to know more about this issue.


    Common reasons for this issue

    Providing Incorrect Input: This means that the HDMI port of the fire stick was inserted to the incorrect port of the Amazon Fire stick.

    Faulty HDMI Cable: It is also possible that the HDMI cable that you are using is faulty and has some kind of issue with because of which the Fire Stick is not able to connect.


    Steps to solve the issue of the blank screen by Amazon Fire Stick

    • This is the error when your fire stick goes into sleep mode. When you wish to bring back or wake up the device you simply press the back button.
    • On the fire stick, you can also use some shortcuts which would assist you in waking the device from sleep mode.
    • If you look, you would be able to find a reverse button on your remote. Press and hold that button for 10 seconds and your device would show you various video options.
    • You can try to perform the factory reset option if nothing else works. For that, you would have to press the buttons back, reverse and right.
    • Also try altering the display mode to No scaling, auto and make ensure that it is less than 1080p 60Hz
    • Now hold the select and power button together to reboot your Fire Stick.

    When the users come across issues like these, it would clearly frustrate them as it would put a hold on the device’s functioning but that is not the case in Amazon Fire Stick, you can efficiently connect yourself with the Amazon firestick customer care and avail professional assistance from their trained experts. This service is available on a 24 hour basis and is completely free of any kind of charge. They make sure that the clients attain complete satisfaction towards the issue that they came up with.


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