How To Solve The Issue Of Fire Tv Blank Screen On Boot

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    Firestick While working with Amazon Fire TV, a user can encounter different issues. Some of them include when the device starts to buffer, closes on its own or hangs in between. Sometimes the device doesn’t accept the command of the Fire TV remote or the users witness a black or blank screen while they perform the boot function. There can be a few reasons for the Fire TV blank or black screen when attempting to boot. Let’s first take a look at them, before starting with the troubleshooting step:


    The Main Reasons Behind This Issue:             


    • Providing an incorrect input– It usually means that the HDMI port of the fire TV stick was inserted to the wrong port of the Amazon Fire TV.


    • Some faults with the HDMI cable– There could be some scratches, cuts or faults in the HDMI cable or the connections could be lost.


    • Compatibility issues: It means that the Amazon Fire TV and the Firestick are not compatible with each other.


    How To Fix The Issue Using Some Designated Steps?


    • This error can arise when the Fire TV wishes to go into sleep mode. In order to bring it back to the wake-up mode, just press the back button.
    • On the Fire TV remote, you can also see some shortcuts, which help to bring back the TV to wake up mode
    • On your remote, there will be a reverse button. Just hold that for approximately 10 seconds, and your device will begin showing various video modes.
    • When you will start this process, you will notice some changes in the screen of the fire TV, which indicates that you are on the right track. This mode will help you resolve the Fire TV black and blank screen issue.
    • Perform the factory reset if nothing works. For that, you need to press Back, Reverse, and Right.
    • Alter the display mode to No scaling, Auto and make sure it is less than 1080p 60 Hz
    • Now hold the Select and power button together to reboot the Fire TV.


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    This is for sure that this is a complicated process and can require the help of certified technicians. You need to dial the Amazon Firestick Customer Service and have a word with the technical associates. They will be available at your service 24X7 and will be more than happy help you. You can ring them at any given hour, whichever you feel comfortable with.



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