How to unfreeze Amazon Fire Stick

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    Amazon Fire Sticks is a device which offers the media streaming service. You can say it is the best. People love this device some much all around the world. This device is perfect for media streaming but, no one can deny that this device also goes through errors sometimes. So, in this blog, you will know how you can unfreeze the Amazon Fire Stick. This issue occurs with Amazon Fire Stick sometimes, but you can cure this problem easily by some troubleshooting steps. Also, you can take help from Amazon Firestick Customer Care Number.


    Steps To Unfreeze The Amazon Fire Stick


    Step 1: Restart Device: In the 1st step, you should restart the Amazon Fire Stick Device. Unplug the device from the power plug and wait from at least 30 seconds. When the device is completely turned off, then plug the power cord back into the power supply. This method looks so simple, but it is one of the most basic and worked ways to fix this error.


    Step 2: Clear Cache and data: Amazon Fire Stick works with an application, so clear the cache and data created in that application, and check if it works. This step resolves the loading issues with the application and Amazon Fire Stick. For that do this,

    • Go to settings and tap on Apps.
    • Then choose to manage all the applications.
    • Locate the Amazon Fire Stick application and clear the cache and data.
    • After that restart the application.

    Step 3: Switch USB Port: There are some chances that the USB port you are using to connect the Amazon Fire Stick with the TV is faulty. So, try to resolve this issue by changing the connecting port. Plug the USB in a different port.


    Step 4: Connect to TV: If you are using an AV receiver or soundbar with the Amazon Fire Stick to connect with TV, so make sure the receiver is on and connected properly in the right input.


    Step 5: Logo Screen: When you face this freezing issue with Amazon Fire Stick, don’t rush. Wait for a minute and give time to Fire Stick to load.


    Hope, these steps will help you to Unfreeze the Amazon Fire Stick, but if you are not satisfied with these steps. Then you can talk to professionally trained techies available on Amazon Firestick Customer Support Number.



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