Emptiness of reason, the well-being of the recipe

  • emotional law tells us that one hundred percent people are emotional. Even if someone says a person is rational, but when the person is "rational" thinking, but he was the influence of emotional state, "rational thinking" itself is a kind of mood. So one hundred percent people are emotional animal, and any time decisions are emotional decisions.

    < p > to the attitude was born a man, to do things the mentality WTO: heart Huaikang born,nike tn pas cher, fame and fortune to see light, anger and resentment to put it down; Chang Huai into the history of the world,hogan sito ufficiale, filled with ambition to show, the life of the wing to fly up. Life as a hermit, indifferent in red dust; when things in life such as fighters, armed to the teeth on the battlefield. Calm,scarpe golden goose, Taishan collapse in the former and his sword; both, although I have nothing to fear < p > don't let life pressure squeeze happiness: no matter what happened yesterday, no matter how embarrassing myself yesterday, how helpless, how bitter, is in the past, and will not come back, it can not be changed. Let yesterday all the pain, all the tired, all the pain away from the far zone, and today, we have to clean up the mood, to re start the road! life comprehension thousands upon thousands of horses and soldiers!

    to products from high demand. One simple happiness, a worldly will grow old. Keep a young heart, do a simple people, enjoy sunshine and warmth. Life should be so. Light is really flat, flat faint is a blessing.

    rejection is a difficult thing, we are always difficult to resist a trap, it is difficult to avoid. "

    every day to open the computer, the habit or the first login, but set the stealth, just look at the space and friends of comments and messages, listen to favorite songs or write something new. Invisible people more and more, and some stealth is a kind of habit; some stealth is a kind of escape; some purely hang Q chat; some people can not work chat hung; some people in order to specific with your favorite people chat; some people is purely to stealth and stealth.

    empty reason,goyard soldes, happy life of the formula - Jack

    < p > life on the road will be very flat, will experience a lot,adidas yeezy boost 350, when you are misunderstood can smile,goyard soldes, which is literacy; when you wronged can calm to smile, it is magnanimous; when you lose time to laugh, it is open-minded; when you are helpless when resilient smile, this is the realm of; when you distress to calm smile,scarpe hogan olympia, which is the atmosphere; when you are in a contemptuous calm smile, it is self-confidence; when you brokenhearted can gently smile, which is free and easy. Life with smile!

    Empty reason, happy life of chicken soup recipe

    there is a life in the heart of the soul. 2 wandering is not equal to freedom. Trauma is a mature shortcut. Drifting soul and most in need of heat. One can find the true self in the solitude of the most. Weak is strong, is back in. Deep water flow,air max pas cher, shallow water steep waterfall. Weak sometimes is a suitable living law. Simple life is fascinating, exciting simple happiness. Learn simple but not simple.

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