Missing lover's sentence snow without a trace, the

  • Missing lover's sentence snow without a trace, the feeling is also without a trace< br / > I go thousands of miles to find you, I don't by rapture; sweat millions of drops, only to find a heart, I am determined to wheezed.
    < br / > hope to have some of your information, even if it's just short greetings,nike tn pas cher, good let me feel you do not forget me, thinking about me and my.
    < br / > to meet you next time. I must have you to the bedroom, locked the door, quickly put you push down on the bed,nike air max pas cher, with a quilt blindfolded head, stretch out my hands... You see my mobile phone is blue.  
    < br / > to put you hide in the closet slowly appreciate, want to hide you in my pocket carefully futzing with, want to hold you in my arms a deep kiss, want to put your burger in the bottom of my heart forever do not forget!
    < br / > to you, sprinkle a red bean; hold your, folding 1000 paper cranes; I hope you, junction tree of a yellow ribbon; chiliad of you,hogan outlet, why still not come? The more I wait for my heart to love!
    < p > I miss you is a very happy thing; see you, is a very happy thing; love you, I always have to do things to you on the heart,sac goyard pas cher, I have been doing.