Tragic world 801

  • "miserable world", just as its name implies, is a very sad world. This world is sad, because people's heart is full of hate.

    but it was a good time, the kind father appeared. He not only did not like others that rejection of Jean Valjean, also regard him as a friend, even when Jean Valjean stole his precious silver. His action to Jean Valjean feelings for the first time to the warmth of the world, like a has been living in cold underground seed feel into the sunlight,nike tn requin soldes, and then slowly began to sprout.

    < p > if the priest at the time of Jean Valjean's love is a forgiving love. Marius Cosette is a kind of love and love, so Jean Valjean in the world of love is a great love.

    world without these feelings, it is only a shell. So, there is no world of love, it is a tragic world.

    seeds of love in the heart that Jean Valjean is sowing. When he began to prepare for another life, Cosette emerged. Her appearance, Jean Valjean is undoubtedly a turning point in life. From a lonely person,golden goose mid star, into two inseparable, from for their own sake, to what things are from Cosette starting. Coset watered Jean Valjean's heart, let him get out of hand up long hair.

    Tragic world 800
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    Coset's healthy development, not only is Jean Valjean's merit,goyard paris, is her mother. Her mother, who was deeply in love with her, had no ability to take care of her. Had to work alone to support her. But she trusted the wrong people, the Thenardiers did not treat Coset. Later they forced Fantine into an impasse. Yes,scarpe hogan outlet, they love their family,nike tn pas cher, but that kind of love is a selfish love. Because they have no love for Coset, for anyone else.

    true love is like Valjean, with their own strength to love the world, love the people in this world. So he will desperately Marius and agreed to Cosette and Marius' marriage, silently to give poor people life support, in the final hours of life could under the heart to find Ko Dorset...

    hero Jean Valjean because of a theft and began his long years of hard labor in life. When he wanted to turn over, but people discriminate against him, let him feel the warmth. Even when a kind-hearted man told his winter don't sleep on the bench outside, he coldly answer: "I in the floor of the prison cold sleep in sleep now here what is the difference??" Jean Valjean's answer will undoubtedly make people feel the cold more. Yes ah, the world to his love too little, in his heart, is full of sadness and anger.


    now we have a lot of people around the need to love,hogan outlet online, when we enjoy the love of others, do not forget to use love to nourish the heart of hatred,tn requin pas cher, with love to embrace the merciless world. Like father,chaussure air jordan soldes, to forgive; like Valjean, to pay.

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