There is applause ghost story _ morgue

  • There is applause ghost story _ morgue

    "no, no, no......." Old Cheng looks nervous. Listen to the voice of gold silver he's shined the light on his face: "how? Old way, is not what happened...... Ah! Your face......"

    old man hurriedly pull him: "don't go!"

    "what's wrong with my face?" Old Cheng hurriedly touch your face, what seems to face something terrible. Gold silver flashlight off, waved and said: "no, not what! You look so bad! Is not encountered what happened?"

    someone outside the door with a flashlight ask: "the old way, there is smoke? I there duandun!"

    gold silver turned asked: "how? Old way, take you two smoke love dearly!"

    "there is a!" Cheng man kept saying,air jordan pas cher, covered with confusion to touch the smoke. He called gold silver, is the hospital's security chief, he was the night tonight. Cheng old man to touch a box of cigarettes to pass the gold silver, gold silver pop up a few trees, the smoke back to the way the old man turned and walked away.

    "i!" A familiar voice came from outside the door. Cheng man made an effort, and opened the door.

    his head boiled gruel, around the cold wind,tn requin pas cher, weary. For a long time, he gingerly shut the fluorescent lamp in the morgue, hid in his cabin on duty. Just entered the house, suddenly heard a knock at the door, that knock on the door to history, as the old three souls six souls to knock at the most,scarpe hogan outlet, he trembled Q: "who?"

    hospital morgue stability the watchman is a man surnamed cheng. Cheng old man has a son, just forty years old, physically strong, but unfortunately a fool who can not take care of themselves.

    life of the old man has two major events: one is to look after the son,hogan outlet, the two is to look after the dead. Every day he waited on son eat and drink Lazard. At night, he gave his son to take two pills,nike tn requin soldes, son fell asleep,chaussure jordan pas cher, he went to work. The dead man's nature is good to wait, do not eat not to drink not to fight.

    Cheng old man relieved, immediately and nervous, the things that happened to tell the gold silver.

    that night, he said: "Wu Song will be" in this paragraph, it said lively, suddenly choked not say. The day the deal and the dead,goyard soldes, what he was not seen, but can not help but numb cold sweat. Applause applause! Is to listen to the wrong, he is the living room, his ears to listen carefully, pa! Another voice......

    old man no hobby, love said two Shandong clapper. Other do not say,air max pas cher, just say the hero Wu Song. He speaks of a book, like for a person, rhythmic and attractively, large segments of the hole, without playing a Leng. It is a pity that he isn't appreciated this feat, can only wait until midnight, to the dead.

    gold silver surprised to ask: "applause? It can't be true! Is not your right? Inside you a person, unless......" Gold silver face a trace of panic, and quickly denied, no, not possible! The old way, okay. Go to sleep, I don't make blind and disorderly conjectures. "

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