Pale and Yu Cong

  • smart people are aware of their own wisdom, but also know that others are more intelligent than themselves. Every intelligent person can always find some people who are more intelligent than they are,scarpe hogan outlet, and take them as their own goals,golden goose outlet, or learn by example. At the same time, they will be more understanding of their own stupid mistakes and shortcomings. Because they know themselves, so they are good at thinking about their own stupid and shortcomings, and in the reflection of the courage to change their own shortcomings and some of the shortcomings of their own stupid practice. Smart people can listen to other people's opinions, and constantly reflect on their own.

    from a person's understanding of things and processing, we can see his character and ability. A person can often high perspicacity, learn the essence from the ideas of others, to improve things.

    < p > mediocre, but just want to blindly to change others, change the world, to let the environment to adapt to their own; in fact,hogan outlet, to do a what kind of person, all by yourself.

    if you think someone is smart and praise him, he can't make a noise or say where he is in general and need to learn. Of course, the smart is not to rely on others to say, but he is indeed outstanding, is his own to do it.

    Pale and Yu Cong
    < p > know things should be like that you are a wise man; know things what actually is that you are a man of experience; know how things can be better,tn requin pas cher, you have to. < p > mediocre, but always want to trying to their own ideas to the people, to highlight things; a weather beaten, often cool wind, elegant, such as rainbow, because they understand the introspection and tolerance, know how to adjust themselves to adapt to the outside world of vicissitudes of life.

    smart people tend to be self aware. The wise know, clever humble. Be contented,hogan outlet online, have not satisfactory. To love, not to love. Be for,louboutin pas cher, have not for. For a long time without a fight, willing to help others and as a pleasurable occupation.

    as long as you know how to look at yourself, improve yourself, know how to correctly look at the problem, then, you are the most excellent of their own.

    stupid people usually only know their own smart, do not know their own stupidity,hogan outlet, but will not admit their own shortcomings and mistakes. Every fool can always find at least a fool than himself, or at least in some ways than his own stupid people, to raise themselves, trying to make themselves tall. Because they feel that they are always right, there is no need to correct their shortcomings, so they are always wrong, away from the target.

    smart people have a strong will. Just look for a goal, they always persevere persist, straight.

    < p > a really smart people, besides itself needs to have certain knowledge and learning ability must also be to listen to the opinions of others, can constantly reflect on their own,scarpe hogan outlet, clearly recognize their own inadequacies. Related Articles: Even if I did well, he would only ask me to do better next time, even a "well done" will not say, absolutely not like other people's father laughed and praise and reward children. In my opinion, I should do well, do not need to praise, and not let me big with pride. So, I gradually no longer expect my father to be able to speak to praise me, because I have had enough of the disappointment.