Marriage is a tree

  • in the marriage of this big tree >

    but I think, marriage is more like a tree. Once rooted in the foot of the soil, but also whether the soil is fertile or poor, just tie down, grow. Wind, even blew it East West shake Huang, calm after the may also have a little injury, but still will gradually recover. Rain, slashing, soak up the trunk and flooded the treetops, when Korea on clear skies, she also smiled at the sun seems to say, you see, I'm okay. Marriage this tree, year after year, despite the wind,hogan outlet online, frost, rain and snow invasion, it always there standing, tolerance, general waves is hard to make it died.

    Marriage is a tree

    always listen to people say that marriage is a pair of shoes, the right is not the only way to know, this is indeed very reasonable. There are many examples of this reality, the surface is a good match for the couple, but soon like birds flying in different directions. And some how to see how does not match, but together over the number of years. So some people say that marriage is a mystery, no one can crack the mystery.

    < p > to marriage, love is more like a cloud, lightsome, romantic, elegant,scarpe hogan outlet, her ever-changing, mysterious. For a moment into a mountain, for a moment into a river. At this time, such as white cotton, wound up like a galloping horse, occasionally put on color gauze, like a mysterious girl, if to if, in difficult period, graceful, complicated and confusing, so you both like her, and her sad, both for her crazy, and she is drunk.

    marriage is a tree, its roots, branches, leaves, flowers, fruit, readily available. The old man is the root of the tree, the relationship between husband and wife is the backbone, and other members of the family is its branches, which derived of 7788, intricate relationship is its leaves, a little bit of trouble, there will be a chain reaction, the butterfly effect, marriage, rather than is a combination of the two, is a combination of the two families rather than. All kinds of people and things, all encompassing, like a small society, especially the two sides for the elderly, is bundled together with the small home, a prospering harmed. All of this, so that the content of the marriage has become so rich, so complex. And the non staining, otherworldly mirage like delicate love, through practical nibbling nibbling touch,tn femme pas cher, throw beat beat,scarpe hogan outlet, slowly by the air fall to the ground, deeply lodged in the marriage of folds,hogan outlet online, marriage was kidnapped. Will produce Eileen Chang's novel, red rose and white rose feeling. Therefore, people sigh, marriage,scarpe hogan outlet, such as siege, the outside want to rush inside, which would like to run out, love is the marriage of the tomb.

    < p > marriage is tree, children are the crystallization of love, is the marriage of tree fruit,louboutin pas cher soldes, fruit in the eyes of the couple, like a pearl,hogan outlet, dazzling, like an angel, to bring endless joy and happiness, like a magnet, tightly ceiling attached marriage tree, as a binder, the two closely in the footsteps of stick, even love the light, far away, who also happen not to the fork in the road, another new road. Therefore, improvise, there is a synonym for some of the marriage. Related Articles: The reason is in the region is concentrated in the rainy season rainfall, rainfall intensity, continuous rainstorm, low-lying area water leaching and disaster; the second is due to typhoon hit the wind heavy rain suddenly, if coincides with the tide of the coastal embankment overtopping or burst disaster.