Wang Shi Top Secret

  • two years ago,scarpe hogan outlet, a team consisting of 7 amateur players team released climbing Mount Qomolangma. This CCTV broadcast live, and China mobile company also specially made a website, more than 6500 meters above sea level to the Internet through the maritime satellite telephone. In the media under the climbing Mount Everest add fuel to the flames, aroused the enthusiasm of a hitherto unknown attention unprecedented time.
    <br="" in="" 7="" players,="" two="" people="" are="" particularly="" compelling.="" a="" shenzhen="" 170000="" group="" chairman="" wang="" shi,="" great="" reputation="" of="" the="" estate.="" real="" estate="" sector,="" no="" one="" would="" dare="" to="" doubt="" his="" ability.="" however,="" on="" mountain,="" he="" is="" at="" best="" amateur,="" not="" mention="" over="" 50="" years.="" age="" fatal="" weakness,="" tame="" highest="" peak="" world,="" talk="" about="" how="" easily?="" can="" help="" for="" him="" sweat.="" another="" 10="" years="" younger="" than="" shi's="" teammates,="" body="" quality="" and="" condition="" special.="" beijing="" huairou="" mountaineering="" bases="" practice,="" climbing="" load="" only="" maximum="" 20="" kg,="" weight="" 40="" kg="" still="" walking="" with;="" others="" go="" twice.="" walk="" three="" times.="" so="" speculation.="" player="" should="" be="" first="" ascent="" the.="" also="" naturally="" became="" focus="" media="" attention.="" by="" appointment="" team="" scheduled="" embark="" journey.="" during="" whole="" course="" voice="" wears="" several="" hats,="" accepting="" reporter="" interview,="" every="" day="" but="" internet,="" see="" netizen="" hair="" post,="" reply="" people's="" concern="" good="" wishes.="" that,="" tracking="" shot="" put="" some="" pictures="" time="" coherent="" hometown="" television.="" <="" br="" /> < br / > Wang turned out to be a celebrity in property, and his spring and autumn especially,tn homme pas cher, according to the common sense, he is sure to is the most popular member of the attention of the media and people. But on the contrary,louboutin pas cher soldes, he said very low-key, agreed at the time not to receive an interview with reporters, is not facing the camera,air jordan homme, just quietly on the mountain. < br / > < br / > at an altitude of 8000 meters camp, golden sunset poured on the snow capped Mount Everest,hogan olympia outlet, scenery very spectacular. My teammates all happy again, all ran out to enjoy the scenery, only Wang Shi unmoved. Someone called him at once: "the king,scarpe hogan outlet, come out and see, the scenery is so spectacular!" He hid in a tent in silence. A few minutes later, see Wang Dan,goyard prix, and the tips of his teammates he, "Wang total,hogan scarpe, you don't come out will regret, we boarded the so mountainous, also have never seen such a beautiful scenery."
    would be extremely Ling, list of small hills. Standing in such a height to see the world, can not the United States it? The kindness of Wang Shisi don't doubt that his teammates, but he remained confined to the house, the stubborn like a stone, almost all wool and a yard wide.

    Wang Shi: Top Secret
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