Romantic woman meet ghost note

  • Romantic woman meet ghost note
    < p > Hu Jingyuan thirties with her husband to work in the city, or a year later, she with a bit of beauty with a contractor good, and her husband divorced. But the labor contractor is and she did not want to marry her. Not long before he abandoned her. < br / > but Hu Jingyuan have formed the habit of indolent, she doesn't want to work to earn money, just do not want to work, eat, drink good, to dress well. She is in the city of village as prostitutes live.
    did ten years Demimondaine,hogan sito ufficiale, Hu Jingyuan old, even pull workers and the old man dragged back. She had to be diverted, she found a knack, which place in front of the bicycle and electric vehicle, she stood there, owners push her to deposit fares. < br / > she although it has been nearly 50 years, but dressed very fashionable, although wrinkles also wipe the face makeup, unlike cars, her fashionable station there, did not suspect that she is to look at cars, others to put the car to see her, a cart she,golden goose saldi, owners generally although unhappy, feel she is not like cars,hogan sito ufficiale, but will give her some money. If someone does not give her money, she shouted. < br / > so, small profits and quick turnover, although a few cents cars fee rarely, but the car too much, in a month,hogan outlet, she earned a lot of money, than go to work to earn a few times. Hu Jingyuan had a good day, can eat pork every day. She is in her village out of hard working people who do not know how many times stronger. < br / > originally, the evening,hogan sito ufficiale, Hu Jingyuan is not watching the fare,scarpe hogan outlet, she likes at home in the evening watching TV, but this month she has a little nervous, some time ago to the countryside to find her staying with relatives too much, hospitality is a lot,hogan scarpe outlet, the son of her country and take away her thousands of yuan, so the night she went to bicycle and electric vehicle charging. < br / > the evening,scarpe hogan outlet, Hu Jingyuan stand in front of the a building, received a lot of money, suddenly a thin shoulder length hair girl approached the cart, she approached the money, the shawl hair girl said: "I put the car did not see you, and in this place I often come, never received fees, how today all of a sudden charge?"