Business diversion - muffled fortune

  • Business: diversion - muffled fortune< br / > a street has two movie theaters. In the market economy is not the case,hogan outlet online, the boss of two theaters are to exert all over skill vying for customers. South Theater launched twenty percent off tickets, the northbound cinema then came a great bargain half off. For consumers, the same case of course are willing to to spend less of cinema & gt; so that,chaussure air jordan soldes, northbound theater business is booming, road south of the theater in a deserted house.
    < br / > South Theater boss unwilling to sit still, so in a fit of pique,hogan sito ufficiale, simply to the "jumping off a building sale" -- tickets play two fold. According to local consumption level and industry practices, below the 50% discount on cinema tickets has no profit to speak of,goyard pas cher, Lunan theater play two fold purpose is to put the opponent crushed, then good for price fixing,hogan outlet online, who know they just pull the customer come over, northbound theater then on the launch of the ticket discount, and each other to send a packet of seeds.

    this loop south theater owners do not have the courage to participate in the competition,stylo mont blanc pas cher, they declared bankruptcy, close down.
    < br / > everyone thought northbound theater will then return to competition before the price,tn pas cher, but the seeds sent "Peibenshengyi" kept down.
    < br / > more than half a year's time is past,hogan outlet online, Lu Bei theater boss buy the Audi car, the house is replaced by the high-grade villas, a deputy sent big money. The original South Theater this boss in order to ascertain the truth, they remain perplexed despite much thought, by a friend to make the boss's business secret North pathfinder.
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