New year in the city

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    I was in such an atmosphere,hogan outlet, from the edge of the city to climb over the river line of the bus, toward the people's Hospital in the city center. At noon that dish of small wine, let me back to the house, I do not know is dizzy or sleep. Anyway, on the bed of the old father's phone call,tn pas cher, I woke up, but also to give me a way not to go out of the spring.

    < p > I go out alone,hogan outlet online, although the purchase of special purchases for the Spring Festival in the city of people, always sparse to,hogan sito ufficiale, sparse. My lover, in a hurry to rush to the bus station, take the bus home to go home. She said, very thick, very thick snow in Beichuan, Leigu town car to the tire tied chains and where cars must wait until the filled a vehicle talented person compart. So I worry very much, and especially that to Anxian street is foggy, again and again in the text told her to pay attention to safety.

    early in the morning, I finished the night shift value in the unit,hogan outlet, back to the city. Specifically, is to return to the edge of the city, so you can more accurately describe my own position. I have more than once felt, he was just a the edge of the city people. In the face of its endless prosperous and bustling, I'm just a casual traveler. Even many times and I are deeply yearn for country that full of natural life, as from a lot of tired and don't know why tired don't know flavor of the city people, to go out looking for a dream.

    city in the new year, is lonely. After the ringing and the nursery rhymes of the sprinkler, coupled with a light rain, city streets are, faintly in the crowd, more show rare open and vastness. For many years, almost every city people have said to me, years in the city would have no what flavor, unlike in the country can be openly put firecracker, happily eating dam feast, everybody's face is beaming, although one's tongue mouth to mix. So, I know, the city's people in the new year, already lost.

    to the fuller Road, under the car, along the zebra crossing the street, and then a few steps forward, then to the hospital of the people. The empty hospital. A shabby lift and carry me on the third floor. I walked into the old father's ward. Lying in his bed,bottes ugg pas cher, and all the people in this city, complaining and nagging. The old mother leaned on the side of the bed, see me, stopped her innocent slumber. I know, father like all old men, is a relatively new year in the hospital who taboo. I asked him.

    < p > the Fujiang bridge early in a month ago has started to repair bridge closure, therefore the City Road East is red bridge also has the limit line, I early in the bus yesterday,goyard pas cher, already tired of listening to the crew and passengers' complaints and nagging. Forty minutes, our car on the bridge previously backed up for forty minutes. The police put out the car only gu! What is the time not in the stewardess his eyes said, a startled look full of anger. I buried in the seat, tightly holding hands just for the hospital to buy red lanterns, just smiled and looked very crowded in the car this seemingly lively bustle. I know, you are only a casual traveler, like the theatre.

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