The chromosome decides a man to play with a woman.

  • "Aesop's Fables" which is all about animal, cattle, dogs, foxes, frogs....... There are women who have seen the animals again after the discovery, the most fun animal is a man! Since man is an animal, it is a natural choice to face the problem. No wonder people say that men have to learn how to escape the strong man who is a tiger,hogan interactive outlet, how to get the most out of a weak man. In fact,scarpe hogan outlet, only a man knows he is very fragile, but the man to the man himself to manipulate the community to specify a standard, is not allowed to fragile, must be strong. This is a man's world, man is the king of animals, such as lions. The lion is really tall and mighty. Some animals learn the knowledge of the people know that the lion is very cruel, lazy, lonely,hogan sito ufficiale, selfish animal. Men often say that they are very great, very brave, very strong. The only large animals standing on the cliff announced he prepared to other animal ethics is often the other animals saw the buttocks dry stool traces from his body can smell the smell of stale urine. This is a bit of a man's funny. The zoo to prevent heterosexual fighting, all male red deer are saw to the corner. Man is an animal, animal instinct is one of the nature, is to breed offspring. What is the man to struggle to make contributions? F Lloyd said,hogan outlet online, is that the innate "power",hogan outlet, "hormones" in the drive men.

    < p > a joke is very meaningful,tn pas cher, the three stages of a man's life: the feelings of not stable,hogan sito ufficiale, the man is an animal; married men are tied to a family, became a plant; after ten years of marriage, there is no dream,hogan sito ufficiale, also lost the feeling, then became a mineral. There is also a joke from another point of view, men can be divided into four categories: there is a woman is a waste; two women are characters; there are three women are animals, there are more than four women is a monster...... The chromosome decides a man to play with a woman.