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    disable solvent type waterproof coating
    < br / > 2004, Beijing,hogan roma outlet, the fourth installment of the prohibitions and restrictions on the use of building materials products directory specified in,hogan sito ufficiale, prohibition of the use of solvent type architectural waterproof coating with double group polyurethane waterproof coating, solvent type cold primer oil in indoors and other ventilation engineering sites, this kind of product past at & gt; use appeared several times the poisoning of construction personnel casualties and fire accidents.

    out of civil zero lamps
    < br / > electrical lighting National Standardization Technical Committee, lamps and lanterns Standardization Technical Committee regulations: in 2004 during the first half of the lighting products will does not allow the existence of the null type lamps and lanterns. Zero type lamps are mainly used in the civil field,hogan outlet online, it mainly includes no security, no insulation protection in the form of lamps.
    The new national standard
    < br / > on 1 May 2004, China will implement the new feather and down standard,hogan outlet online, namely GB/T186765-2003 "feather" and "feather feather test method". The new standard not only to our country enterprise puts forward the high standard,hogan sito ufficiale, at the same time put forward the same requirement to the import feather,scarpe hogan outlet, restricted the entry of foreign raw materials,hogan sito ufficiale, reduce the impact on the market of raw materials in china.

    source: "Sanjin Metropolis Daily",golden goose outlet;  Related Articles: Everything has a cause, he did not dare to complain about what. He kind of consequences, finally swallowed only yourself. But you will find yourself on so many excuses, like a piece of armor to protect themselves. But did not want to, but my heart tied. Did not dare to act rashly, because it has been unable to bear weight at any time will collapse.