Happy couples help each other

  • Happy couples help each other< br / > 2011 March of a weekend, I was ready for lunch, Mr. excited to pull me up, said: "these two days not busy, we drive to Nanjing?" I am one Leng, he is not the head of the fever, right? But I don't want to see him. Two days is too short, it may not enjoy the game and very tired, but I didn't say anything. With Mr. cheerfully to pack up and then started.
    It is a good weather

    women easily greedy, I want to eat for a long time the East Guilin Rice noodles shop. That night, I said: "if you have a bowl of Guilin Rice noodles,hogan scarpe, that is really good." The husband has been in the shower and changed into his pajamas. Listen to me say,hogan sito ufficiale, want to two minutes, said: "want to go, back and forth for an hour is enough, the daughter is difficult to buy an impromptu." I am very happy, quickly put on the coat, rushed out of the door. This period of time, the car is not much,golden goose mid star, the city night scene also has another flavor. That day, we eat out, eat club. After Rice noodles, look at the time also, we'll go out of the night, bought a piece of hand embroidered tablecloth, happily go home.
    < br / > 2010 a weekend and see newspaper "Tangshan earthquake,scarpe hogan olympia," the release of information, Mr. proposal: "it is better to take both parents worked together in a movie? They rarely go out." I said, "well, today you can."
    < br / > the movie old people can concentrate on, is very emotional,scarpe hogan outlet, my husband and I have to accompany the side, occasionally chipped in with a few words of explanation, enjoyable. The film ends, we have a meal with their parents outside,hogan sito ufficiale, the 4 old people chat very happy. This impromptu things give parents left a deep impression, until now,goyard pas cher, they still think constantly of,nike tn requin soldes, was all smiles.
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