Gender diversity enables companies to be more prod

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    Gender diversity in the workplace helps firms to be more productive,nike tn pas cher, according to a new study co-authored by an MIT researcher -- but it may also reduce satisfaction among employees. & quot; having a more diverse set of employees means you have a more diverse set of skills, & quot; says Sara Ellison, an MIT economist, which & quot; could result in an office that functions better.". The < p

    At the same time,chaussure louboutin pas cher, the individual employees may prefer less diverse settings. The study,scarpe hogan outlet, analyzing a large white-collar U.S. firm,hogan outlet online, after how much & quot; social capital" offices to build up in the form of things like cooperation,hogan outlet, trust, and enjoyment of the workplace.

    " the more homogeneous offices have higher levels of social capital, & quot; observes. of Ellison able to & quot; but the interesting twist is that higher levels of social capital are not important enough to cause those offices to perform. The employees might be happier, they mi>

    Gender diversity enables companies to be more productive


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