Five attention to private lending investment!

  • Five attention to private lending investment!< br / > since 1996, the people's Bank of China cut interest rates eight times in a row, so that the interest rate reduces the 78.4%, reached the lowest point in history. In the countryside have many savers think that interest rates are too low, no "benefit", they don't have to defend in the hands of the money, but often lend to the village some engage in business turnover are short of money, from collection & gt; take some interest. If this sort of thing happens often, the amount is large and the cycle is long,air max 95 france, it forms a "private lending",sac goyard pas cher, that is, "private lending" ".

    A is lending to legitimate. Lending investors if knowing that the borrower loan to gambling, fraud,chaussure tn pas cher, the purchase of drugs or firearms, ammunition and other illegal activities,hogan outlet, lending investors not only to the creditor's rights, but also by civil and administrative sanctions, and even be held criminally responsible. If a position of vulnerability,hogan outlet, by fraud, coercion, against each other borrowing,sac goyard pas cher, belong to invalid behavior, responsibility in lending investors, only to return to the principal.