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  • this is a Hunan boy, twenty-eight years old, unmarried, he is not a patient, he is just like me, like the relatives of patients. The first time I did not know why he wants to be with me, then he told me, because we are all family members of patients, there should be some common topic, his mother many years ago suffering from epilepsy, beginning in addition to fall ill, are pretty normal, but it is too torture, maybe the monthly expense pressure,bottes ugg france, perhaps can not stand the mental torture, on the choice of the Dutch act, the family spent thirty thousand or forty thousand was the mother saved, but the mother of the spirit of a problem, often because some of the things the home smashed, attack times more and more, five children at home and his father have been terribly fatigued.

    in such a unit of work, she has always felt that she is lucky, she also try not to let themselves in front of colleagues, but this is not her own. I really like this woman, her body has never admit defeat the spirit, I also understand that her mother, understand each patient's mother, that era, the kind of heartache, and that kind of helpless feeling. I sincerely wish, this beautiful woman is always happy, happy, also wish the mother health and longevity, can always protect their children.

    < p > so she quickly came a corridor, not into the turret she insisted not to live, she felt his head involuntarily to the right side, hands and feet involuntarily began to twitch. Then she would not have consciousness and wait for her to wake up, next to the unit's leadership and her husband, husband very distressed talking about: you are not and do not take medicine? Is not something to eat? Has told you, is not comfortable to have a holiday, and make themselves into this appearance. Said, with cotton swab dipped in safflower oil to her painting since the onset was injured on the forehead, leadership is a pleasant person, never because she has the disease and asked her to resign, but repeatedly emphasized that colleagues take care of her, she is extremely grateful, you know, no few leaders willing to use employees suffering from epilepsy.

    < p > the boy said: "every time I see the mother suffers a relapse in the heart has the unspeakable heartache, home economic situation is not very good,hogan outlet, now only accompany him in the side of the parents, for this reason he has no good talked about love, also can't with other young people like to go out to work, he also want to good,tn pas cher, is this life not to marry don't give up on his mother. This is a good child, but I am in addition to comfort, I can not find a suitable words, I only wish: his mother a speedy recovery,hogan outlet, he also found their own happiness as soon as possible.

    [happy little woman],air max pas cher, just beginning to see this screen name, I think it is also a happy girl, but listen to her story about her, I actually want to cry a little impulse. She is 28,air max 90 pas cher, for fear of losing, so the boyfriend conceal the own condition, smooth marriage, successfully gave birth to the child, but after marriage she could no longer hide, the husband began to complain that, when five-year-old children >

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