Common people's test shed Village

  • in the street, it is difficult to find someone to repair you, only this test shed village, but can find people who do such a small thing, a few dollars, repair a repair, make up a supplement, put on it can not be seen. Who fill the shoes of the mother-in-law, looks more than seventy years of age, the eyes do not spend, ears are not deaf, thread the needle never bothered to, said she in this street mend shoes for more than 20 years, life is about a credit, children and grandchildren, also don't worry about to eat or drink, willing to do such things, sometimes fill a pair of shoes to make a piece of money, not even to a piece of money, but she starts to live very seriously,hogan outlet, the second go, she will be able to recognize you. Seems to be here before you can see that the home is the original way to live.

    test the twelfth lunar month is the most popular studio village. People will come here to play special purchases for the Spring Festival baozhun. Because the street not only pots and pans, daily necessities; and the most flavor of local dishes, fish balls, meat loaf, fish cake, tofu, sausages and other. Jiayu ship is the most representative of the local cuisine, along the street,hogan outlet, do more is fish.

    < p > Kao Peng village but a kilometer, wider than five, six meters, old houses, small stores are some small business, small goods, little people, but people are hurrying to and fro, bustling, because the streets are very narrow so he looked very crowded, too crowded the. Generally to the people here are home life of common people, can not see the car and a big shot,air max one pas cher, but residents that can not be separated from it. < p >, it is said that the here is the original barren area, or from the Emperor Daoguang's reign of the Qing Dynasty began, here everywhere erected Kao Peng (formerly known as the i.e.), the provincial examinations held, candidates from neighbors Pat Heung, qualified to to the provincial capital to participate in the provincial examination. Test shelf depth, houses crowded, in order to give people a sense of progressive layers. Later, people live more, a small street of a winding,golden goose scarpe, so it was called Kao Peng cun.

    it is actually the daily food and clothing street. Most people cannot do without the shoes, umbrella, Pei Yaoshi, repair the gas stove, for such things, barber zipper. As the saying goes: three years, three years old, sewing and three years. The common people, a pair of shoes are worn out, throw a pity, brought to mend,converse blanche, and wear, unlike a large house, wear a bit old, or is way out of date does not look good, or a little hole, broken skin, break, heel is worn out, you can readily fling, and then to buy new. People don't do this.

    The < p > they usually shop in front, in front of the shop will do a good job in a variety of fish such as pearls maroon, tofu Tuo, fried dumpling filled with the store, shop is behind the processing sites and stove steamer pots and pans, people walking in front of the shop, will naturally sensitive to smell the thick of mellow taste, even if you do not want to buy, but you refused to desire not to eat. Fish ball, local people are generally very exquisite, not in large shopping malls to buy, but to here to see the shop owner to do now to buy, that is fresh. Because the ball in workmanship,tn pas cher, >

    test is not a tent village, a small village, but the city, a very humble street. But if you walk into this street, you know the real people.

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