Husband refused to do.

  • < p > I do not know, her husband's brother toward the army when came to the hall, heard her oath, he generously said: "I give you buy a laptop computer." < p > she has no past and greet them, venue came to her husband's mourning hall, grief stroked her husband's portrait poor to declare: "husband, you know I can't see you will be sick, I am sick now you back, OK? You hit goodpain! I am so sad ah! You love me so much, I love you so much, how can you leave me! God, why don't you open your eyes, so good to give me away! He told my father my mother, his father and his mother so filial piety, shortly before the night, rain pick up their to buy clothes morning but also carry noodles personally fed me,hogan outlet, even fed four times I say don't eat, I also put quilt drag to cover the face. Husband, I am so sorry ah! Husband, you are my life, my spiritual support, without you, in the future I how to live ah! Husband, husband, husband, husband......"

    < p > at this time,scarpe hogan outlet, a Taoist priest came to Zhu C the mourning hall, Li Fangping see them, crying, exhausted body strength to push them away, she said: "my husband is a soldier, members of the Communist Party, I'm going to the funeral of a civilization." I don't want to let the priest to practice, rather than let the sound of Gong Taoist chanting disturb the surrounding people. But still have to Taoist practice, called "well intentioned people", then forces the leadership to see Li Fangping piercing screams, came to her side to comfort her, support her, her father also to hold sad she supported her, the family also respect her choice, finally a relatives came forward with money the team go Taoist.

    Husband refused to do.
    < p > Li Fangping in the friend and sister helped hard came to the school, because of the central east of the husband's mourning hall is located in the school,scarpe hogan outlet, Yuanwang hall is very simple,hogan sito ufficiale, a few iron supported on a plastic shed, the middle of the front put a small table, placed above the East before a officer photos, again is in front of the incense, incense in the incense smoke rise, front placed a broken pot, which has been filled with ash and her son was kneeling on the ground to burn paper money to the father,scarpe hogan outlet, left and right are placed on both sides of a brother and sister and the unit to send the wreath, under the table stocked with children and send flowers circle. There are many people in the school.

    has been on the salt sugar to maintain the life of Li Fangping, after the war, falling down. Her voice is more and more weak, weak, lost beloved lover East, she tired of crying, is in relatives helped home to sleep, woke up she returned to hall stroked her husband's portrait, crying sadly. Her beloved husband said, I want to go to buy a computer, to write a book about our love,scarpe hogan outlet, let us taste of our love, and know how to cherish life,tenis asics masculino, honor their parents, brothers and sisters love, willing to help others.

    < p > Li Fangping once again left the husband that short, simple hall, at this time, rain was big,zapatillas new balance outlet, look up at the sky, like a child by hand to pick up that beautiful Yuhua. Does the dead really have a soul, her husband in this special way to comfort her, Lee

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