This is the son fish reading notes

  • < p > this paper is mainly about a 12-year-old child catch a head of Chinook salmon,saldi golden goose, he puts together the vigor strength he caught the king salmon. "I want to say that" partner Paul fish,sac goyard pas cher, the father said: "you ask my son, this is his fish." In this paper a few to me. From the "I" can also see his trembling arm with a last effort to hold the fishing rod." I could see that the little boy didn't fight will not give up the last bit of energy, very firm and indomitable. I'm from "for a few seconds before the boy popped up from the river, frozen purple hands still tightly hold the fishing rod. He pulled off the water on the face, silent, and began to collect the line." See, this little boy would rather take the risk of being swallowed by the river is not willing to let go of Wang Gui, he is so brave!

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    I believe that everyone in life have been caught "fish", we must also have their own memories of overcoming difficulties, and sometimes, the difficulties brought by the experience can help us. So we must seize the opportunity to accumulate experience in life, grow up in the blue sky free to fly......

    read Perkins wrote "this is the son of the fish", my thoughts are very complicated. Both admiration and ashamed,tn pas cher, surprised and sigh. Article named "this is the son of fish",veste barbour pas cher, expressing the author's two kind of thoughts and feelings: A is father admired his son,hogan outlet, the second is proud of his son not by others help independent to catch up on the head is not small king salmon.

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