Good daughter depression dropped out, precarious l

  • let parents surprise, only half rhyme. "

    Fu Xi disaster,air max 95 france, Fu Xi Fu Xi fu. Yun Na beautiful, clever let parents immersed in happiness and satisfaction, however,zapatillas new balance outlet, make them think that behind the daughter smile hides a heart of fear, fear of heart.

    September 2010, the 17 year old Yun Na into the second grade high school, one day in September, she suddenly proposed to the parents do not want to go to school, she give parents the reason is, "I am afraid of exams, students more than I fear!"

    < p > once, this is a happy family, the husband is a local high school teacher, his wife is a white-collar, husband had made a solemn pledge of eternal love: "I would like to with the strong arm you shelter from the years of the cold, with broad mind for you against heart trauma."

    < p > 18 years of Zhang Yunna (a pseudonym), drop out of school because of depression. Who would have thought love Mr. daughter / Mr. father / but when Mr. family / the most difficult left his wife and daughter, save the daughter of responsibility fell on the Mr. mother / a person. The mother with her daughter to thousands of miles away in Chongqing,nike tn, seek to stay with the help of psychological consultants fengdarong Mr. teacher /, the ill fated mother and daughter could be snatched from the jaws of death?

    < p > in September 2009, Yun Na admitted to key high school,hogan outlet, 16-year-old Yun Na,hogan outlet, long shawls hair like floating clouds and flowing water, smooth white face showing a bit delicate and tender, bushy eyebrows rebellious to raise, long and slightly curled eyelashes,hogan outlet, a pair of clear eyes shone happiness and Mr. happy body, looked at his daughter is not only smart beautiful and outstanding achievements, parents don't mention how happy!

    daughter rhyme Na is their sweet love crystallization, from the date of birth of the daughter, husband and wife for the daughter of the design of a good life. Yun Na from carrying her understanding, be clever and sensible, the parents of dream. Through years of Mr. efforts /, Yun Na healthy growth, repeatedly been rated as Miyoshi students, learning activists, outstanding youth league and schools identified as key university of seedling, everything is in accordance with the design of the running track.

    just heard the news, parents feel that children may be tired after two days. As an intellectual mom initiative for children work,occhiali ray ban wayfarer, analysis of the importance of reading, the child clenched his fists and decided to return to school.

    Good daughter depression dropped out, precarious love eternal witness
    < p > < br / > "toot - toot -" 2011 March day, a car by Jiangsu Nantong pulled out of the train quickly passing across the field, like maneuvering to Chongqing fled, train a Mr. girl / restless. "I don't want to live!" She anxiously from the seat up and eager to jump off the train, mother broke down in tears,hogan outlet online, begging, "Mr. children body. You can't do stupid things, we must be able to through this difficult."

    need time to do card exchange solemn vows and pledges of love,

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