Tour the beautiful spring Lin Villa

  • tour beautiful Tralin villa

    Tour the beautiful spring Lin Villa

    then, we played the roller coaster, began, my heart suddenly tense up. Car with Lane slowly drove up to the mid air, a twinkling of an eye,cheap pandora jewelry outlet, the car galloped to the bottom, also made a 90 degree U-turn, ride the friends are invariably "wow" sound. In a moment, the roller coaster and spin, almost to the people fall down......

    until the evening,yeezy 350 pas cher, I have to leave this beautiful villa with the mood of Tralin reluctant to part.

    after sitting on the roller coaster, we came to the fishing pond, where the fish can be! Goldfish and carp...... The water in the pool is clear, glittering. These fish are free to swim, when caught fish can also be in the vicinity of the barbecue to catch the fish to cook, cook, steam......

    < p > walked, we came to the ferris wheel in front of, round saw Ferris wheel out many jib, Tiebi hanging a few small transparent house. When I entered, the ferris wheel in a style special little room very scared, worried about falling from the sky. Ferris wheel gradually rose to the height, I went to look out of the window, Tralin villa of a little more than half of the panoramic view,new balance baratas, he saw countless recreational facilities, green trees,barbour paris, I couldn't help shouted: "it is beautiful!" < p > we stand in front of the main gate, can be seen at the main entrance of the engraved "Tralin villa" four characters, the four characters in sparkling sunshine, vigorous and effective. When we stepped into the door,hogan outlet, in front of a lively, huge crowds of people. Villa there are a variety of entertainment facilities: such as more than 30 meters high wheel, a huge pirate ship, the excitement of the roller coaster...... This park, of course,goyard paris, exotic flowers and rare herbs foil, roses, hibiscus, Murraya,yeezy boost 350 pas cher, rose...... , there are red, yellow, white, purple, and some yellow with white. The most striking is rose, rose and some flowers or Huagu duo abuse, some only open the two petals, some have been completely open, very bright,hogan outlet online, people dazzling, thousands of butterflies dancing in the flowers.

    in the winter vacation, my mom and dad and brother in the lead, came to visit Tralin villa.

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