My mother and I bet

  • mother wants time to time,air max pas cher, on the bed I limp, like my toes numb. I want to rub my feet, it is a reward.

    detailed language: first, full of confidence, then feel pain, then grinning......

    My mother and I bet

    one or two minutes,goyard pas cher, I was full of confidence. But in three or four minutes,golden goose saldi, my legs began to shake. By about five or six minutes, I began to shift my attention to the pain of my toes. I sing a song English, I recite poems, I sing the national anthem, I even started counting. Oh, how time has been so slow ah! By seven or eight minutes,nmd runner pas cher, I have to bare teeth. I rack my brains,hogan outlet online, think of ways to transfer attention, but the brain a blank, what did not think of it. The toes of a pain, my head is like a small insect crawling, sweating.

    today, I bet my mom.

    mom said,scarpe hogan outlet, because it was the first training,sac goyard pas cher, so I can help the stool. I think, do not have it, not 10 minutes, it is so difficult? You know, I like the challenge.

    my mother and I bet

    mom said,hogan outlet online, buy me a gift for me to stick to the end of the reward. I do not care about the gift, I care about is: no wonder the world of smart people so much, but very little success, the original, adhere to the end, it is not easy!

    thing is like this: my mother said in order to cultivate my willpower, let me put on a dance shoes, just stand on the toes for 10 minutes. Like a ballet dancer standing straight on the stage. I readily agreed to, this is the first time my mother and I bet I very excited.

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