Summer tour Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

  • Jade Dragon Snow Mountain from Lijiang City, 18 kilometers, in accordance with the travel itinerary, early in the morning, we start from Dali, travel to Lijiang. Along the way,tn requin pas cher, our tour bus has been traveling in the crooked, misty mountain. Car to the halfway up the mountain, I lower my head to look, saw bottomless abyss floating with a layer of white clouds, the forward our raging and, soon our car was surrounded by a cloud of thick fog, I do not know who said the sentence: "we like to sit on the plane!" Indeed,hogan interactive outlet, we are surprised to get nervous, is unable to restrain the emotions it is the time to test, the driver driving skills. Very hard to get rid of the fog, the car continues to go to the snow capped mountains.

    < p > the Yulong Snow Mountain is located in Yunnan Hengduan Mountains at the southern end, is still a "maiden mountain", there has never been vanquished, more than 5000 meters above sea level, snow, even the summer heat can enjoy, which for the growth in the south, never seen snow me very attractive. Summer vacation, we have a chance to travel in Yunnan, naturally can not miss this makes me yearn for a long time. Summer tour Jade Dragon Snow Mountain
    < p > at this time, the clatter of underwater acoustic put attracted me, I saw at the foot of the hill a shining white river is happily to our surging. The river called the Baishui River,scarpe golden goose, the water in the river is on the snow capped mountains melted snow water flow down, the river has a lot of limestone and white pebbles, fine, clear river bottom, on both sides of Castle Peak reflected in the river. The river is green. Now because of the rain,basket tn requin, the river washed the limestone, become turbid, the color has become white in the green. I ran to the river.

    summer tour Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

    Chen Huan

    gradually, we found that fewer and fewer trees on both sides of the road, and are very small. Tour guide told us that this is because the soil here is very powerful, stone, can grow flowers and trees of soil less, so that the survival of the plant is very small. It is also because of Yulong Snow Mountain Sand stone and instability, climb to the people often can not be settled, so the Yulong Snow Mountain has not been human conquered. More than 5000 meters above sea level, snow capped mountains covered with snow all the year round,barbour paris, where the growth of a many, many rare medicinal herbs, the most famous is "Snow Lotus" and "ginseng",pandora outlet online, "Yunnan Sanqi (Panax notoginseng)", "Tianma" and "Ganoderma lucidum", with my words is "here is really a caiyao heaven!" No wonder, the Naxi people live here will take Jade Dragon Snow Mountain as a "mountain" to worship!

    < p > tour guide told us that if the weather is fine, we entered the territory of Lijiang, the first glance see it shining silver shadows. Thought I can immediately see the snow, my heart is like playing a drum, "Dong dong!" Clear and excited, I seem to have seen the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. Who knows, the car to the foot of snow capped mountains, I looked up to see,ray ban outlet, and saw all the hills are clouds hide the tightly, all the mountains only to reveal mid, mid levels can only listen to the tour guide said to imagine. Today's weather is not good, the cloud is too thick,adidas yeezy boost 350, we may not see the snow. Cough! It was a waste of time!

    summer tour Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

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