Safety and security section of junior high school

  • (two) to strengthen the system construction, standardize the safety management

    (XX - XX school year)

    resolutely put an end to heavy casualties, and strive to avoid a general accident, to ensure the safety of school teachers,scarpe hogan outlet, to ensure the realization of zero death, zero accident, zero crime target. School safety management long-term mechanism to further innovation, the management level of further improvement, security measures more implementation, security risks are effective remediation, the safety of teachers and students ability to prevent fully enhanced,hogan sito ufficiale, the campus and the surrounding security situation improved significantly,air max homme pas cher, the safety of teachers and students consciousness, legal concept read significantly increased. Safe and stable work of school leadership attention, department performance of their duties,hogan sito ufficiale, the parties involved in, Qizhua condominium, satisfied with the teachers in a good situation.

    Safety and security section of junior high school

    2, solid work to carry out safety investigation. To strictly in accordance with the "timely investigation, duties, and work at first, prevention first" the 16 character principle, the examination as doing an important job security, in front of the monthly and major holidays will check the basis,hogan sito ufficiale, adhere to the daily inspection system, the focus of the investigation, the focus of the investigation, check again, transverse to the edge, vertical in the end, not thin not leak, do not stay dead. Identify problems and timely rectification to solve.

    1, improve the system of accountability. School staff to sign a security responsibility. Schools and departments and staff at the signing of the layers of security management objectives, to further clarify and strengthen the responsibilities of security. To mobilize and organize all the teachers and students actively participate in the campus safety management, prevention and treatment, the common good school safety and comprehensive management work.

    two, work target

    first,hogan roma outlet, the guiding ideology of

    < p > to create safety standardization of school construction activities as an opportunity,adidas nmd pas cher, firmly establish the "people-oriented, safety first, prevention first" the guiding ideology, further strengthen comprehensive management of campus security work, implement students' full safety target responsibility system, to strengthen the security responsibility of, expand the safety knowledge publicity and education, establish and improve the long-term mechanism of safety management in schools, teachers and students to create a safe, civilized, harmonious, elegant learning and living environment to ensure school safety, to ensure the healthy development of school education.

    three, the main work of

    junior high school security division work plan

    (one) to strengthen security education, enhance protection awareness

    2, strengthen to student's emergency self-help escape education, establish and improve the emergency plan and the implementation of the exercise, each (article posted from practical working document column) month of emergency drills twice and summed up in a timely manner.

    1, extensive safe, legal education, helping students to firmly establish the legal awareness of safety, to study, understand and abide by the law,tn pas cher, usage turned into students' conscious action. Help students to establish a preliminary safety concept, to understand the safety of basic knowledge, familiar with the police, the use of the telephone, have the ability to determine the risk of the initial, to master the danger and save the simple method. Vice president of law to the school to the school to carry out legal security education of teachers and students.

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