Cartier to Offer Cigarette Worthy of Rodeo Drive

  • Cartier has plans for a diamond in the puff []Marlboro Red Cigarettes[/url].

    A pricey cigarette bearing the Cartier name and logo--once reserved for the likes of fine jewelry--makes its American debut in the Los Angeles area this week []Cheap Cigarettes[/url]. The cigarette already is sold in Europe. cities.

    The brand, which will come in specially designed packs with Cartier's familiar "double C" logo []Cigarettes Online[/url], will be made in the United States by Philip Morris under a licensing agreement with the French company, House of Cartier []Cigarette Tobacco For Sale[/url]. Executives say the brand will cost about twice the price of conventional cigarettes--more than $3 per pack.

    The company says Cartier cigarettes will be sold mostly in luxury hotels []Carton Of Newport 100S[/url], fine restaurants and at tobacco specialty stores. It will also be delivered--by the carton--to smokers with major credit cards who want the swanky cigarettes sent to their homes []Newport Cigarettes[/url].

    Of course, not everyone plans on placing an order. "Smoking is no longer seen as sophisticated in America," said John F. Banzhaf III, executive director of the Washington-based anti-smoking lobby, Action on Smoking and Health. "Cartier must think cigarette smokers are pretty stupid," he said. "What are Cartier smokers going to get--cancer at twice the price?'
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