The game comes in OSRS gold

  • The game comes in OSRS gold an era of core CPUs, and parallelization isn't simple to program for. World of Warcraft only became parallelized at December 2018, for instance.


    It is really somewhat like OSRS. There is a fair few players that hate this game however, are hooked so they're happy to slander and speak the largest shit about the game, but will nevertheless play 10+ hours a day.


    I truly dislike the game but no way I'm performing the ironman grind to maximum all over again in osrs along with the endgame (set log(s), pets...) is still similar. So I'm going to not recommend the match on steam using as many facts in the written section.


    From my experience playing both games, I think that the essential player base which makes up the most loyal and recurring playerbase appears to take pleasure in the game, but does not agree with the exploitative manner in which Jagex has acting.

    I love starting fresh, and I think both games are a whole lot of fun, taking a rest from the atm though because I maxed on my rs3 iron so im somewhat burnt out lmao.i think if you're interested in osrs you should try it out, once you get over the super early game mid game includes a lot of fun things to offer.


    That's fair enough. I remember when Ironmeme first came out I was quite excited by the thought but I had already reached 1800 total with most quests complete in the time and believed, yeah if I had to start over again I'll definitely quit. I still like playing this game but not that much.


    I knew I could only power through after for your nostalgia (therefore I did not bother using a skiller or a pure of course) then try to locate my footing where I left off on Runescape.


    At this time I'm pretty much back to where I had been on Runescape so consequently I'm becoming pretty tired and ready to quit aka take a 50 year long rest.


    Coming with an rs3 participant, they're pretty dumb about that lol. Any moment a question is asked on the subreddit it's only a *given* that it'll be downvoted. They love thumbs buttons down like tom brady enjoys kissing boys on lips. Not certain what's up all of their asses.


    Have you noticed the remarks left outside here? "I Wish to punish Jagex""I'll call it the piece of game it is Cheap Runescape gold (without actually having played the game anyhow watching MTX and EoC hurr durr)" It is disheartening seeing people this immature and myopic