Peter James

  • Industrial Parts Washers  For Efficient, Hands-Free Cleaning

    In the printing, painting, and graphics industry, parts used in the press must be carefully cleaned to maintain print quality and optimal functionality. The highly-pigmented inks, dyes, and paints used in the process can be difficult to remove from press components. These residues must be thoroughly cleared from all parts without abrasive scrubbing or rough handling. 

    This can also be an issue with other types of processing, particularly for companies that produce or use sticky, viscous, or fast-drying substances. Their equipment must also be regularly cleaned for consistent results and smooth machinery operation.  

    When parts washing is completed by hand, it’s very time- and labor-intensive. There is also the danger of heat and chemical exposure. Many inks, paints, and other substances cannot be removed with mild, water-based detergents. High-temperature liquids and solvents like acetone and alcohol are often required for efficient break down of stuck-on residues. These cleaning solutions can pose burn hazards, release harmful vapors, and create other safety concerns for workers and the overall facility.

    Printing press and machinery parts washing carries other challenges for companies. Whether cleaning is managed by hand or outsourced to a third-party service, there is still a drain on company resources. As an alternative, There are equipment-based, in-house solutions that carefully and thoroughly clean printer and machinery parts, while limiting labor, time, facility, and budget demands.