New Dating Websites Ask Different Dating Questions


    Online dating is a very huge business. For many years, the process has been simple: create a profile, include a picture, pick people you like, go on a date. While the model has worked well for years, and has been upgraded with personality tests and compatibility factors, it’s very limited. There’s a claim that 1 in 5 singles are in a committed relationship with someone they met on a dating website, but this doesn’t make online dating any less frustrating and fruitless than it is. To help alleviate this frustration, websites began to focus on niche communities, such as JDate, but they follow in the same mold.


    In both cases, there are success, and frustrations. I don’t believe online dating is as successful as advertise. I think the problem is, they focus on the who: who are you looking for, who is compatible with you, who fits you. There is a new generation of dating websites and services that focus on an important question, how.


    How, in this sense “How do you meet someone thru online dating?”, is a very interesting question to ask. Going on a date with a stranger is a frustrating and scary process, if you’re dating just their profile. However, if you’re dating someone on your connection with another individual, there’s potential for higher quality dates. New dating sites begin to address this question in interesting ways. The best recent example would be Loveawake?, who focuses on members creating date ideas instead of a profile. People meet others by choosing interesting dates to go on. A iPhone and iPod Touch App, Urban Signals, tries to answer the question by focusing on location and missed connections. Thread (a service who I’ve written blog posts for) refers to the old adage of meeting new people thru the friends of your friends by using new social media tools like Facebook Connect. Opposites Connect, an upcoming dating website, focuses on the differences that cause great discussions on dates, while Crazy Blind Dates (which is under construction), focuses on meeting random people.


    Each of these websites approach to dating differs from the traditional model of online dating. Instead of relying on a profile, these websites focus on how you’re dating, not who. These services are very unique, and there are other’s that I’ve not mentioned that have sparked my interest (such as GameCrush.) I believe these services will be better than what is normally offered. Instead of matching our height, weight requirements, they focus on the real qualities to dating.