Survey: Taiwanese adults, youth smoking rates both record lo

  • Survey: Taiwanese adults, youth smoking rates both record low #lin20160312#BEIJING, Dec. 9, according to Taiwan's "News Today" reported that the Taiwan health affairs newport cigarettes coupons department released the latest statistics on the 9th, the smoking rate in Taiwan last year, adults and young people both hit a record low, the adult smoking rate of 32.5% from 1990 breath fell to 18 percent last year, and even once in the past Cuangao female smoking rate fell below 4 percent, falling to 3.3%.Buy cigarettes online in our cheap online cigarettes wholesale store. Help smokers to slow the withdrawal process produces discomfort, Taiwan health affairs department today launched the "cessation bag" recruited internationally renowned designers Shout surgeon to break the tobacco for inspiration, to design a 3 to quit totem symbol of rebirth, built 6 wristbands, postcards, interactive calendar, refueling small language and other small objects to quit.Our Online Cigarettes Store offers Marlboro and Newport cigarettes wholesale service. Taiwan's health affairs department heads said, according to the latest statistics last year, the smoking rate in Taiwan cigarettes for sale both adults and adolescents record low, especially young decline significantly, junior high school smoking rate in 2004 of 6.6%, down to 5.2% last year vocational students smoking rate from 15.2% in 2005, dropped to 11.9 percent last year, are also a record low.Cheap Online Cigarettes Wholesale Store. According to the study pointed out that the most difficult to quit smoking is the beginning of the 28 days, as long as get through this period, smoking cessation success rate will be five times higher. Qiushu Shi said 100 smokers, only five people can rely on willpower to quit successfully alone cessation success rate is not high, and vice versa, if accepted professionals and smoking cessation clinics and other auxiliary ways to assist, six-month cessation success rates up to 3 percent. Shout stressed that a lot of people think that people who do the design, the inspiration came to rely on smoking, but in fact he did not smoke, but he hoped that through the totem designed to encourage smokers brave challenge themselves and regain health. Taiwan's health affairs department also