The affected band aid awards

  • While boodle crates accept absolute for years on the PC space, animate gamers may accept alone been alien to the latest microtransaction fad with releases like Overwatch and Rocket League. And with the latest firestorm surrounding the business model, Rocket League is analytic to agreement with their business practices in their ceremony Haunted Hallows (read “Halloween”) accident alpha this Monday.

    The accepted business archetypal for Crates in Rocket League has been that the items aural the crates accept been alone (outstanding looking) corrective items, alignment from decals, trails, and cars. However, the alone way to accessible a crate would be purchasing (or trading for) keys in the corresponding e-shop for ceremony console.

    The cast new Haunted Hollows accident will, instead, acquaint an another to keys: Decryptors. These Decryptors will act as Keys, except they are purchaseable with a new in-game bill (Candy Corn) and the items apart in the accident cannot be  traded via bazaar places. Even better, Decryptors plan on any Crate — not just the newly-revealed “Haunted Hallows” accident boodle crate.

    But how do you acquire this new in-game currency? Artlessly by arena the game. The affected band-aid awards bill for arena (and, a lot of importantly, completing) online matches. To admission those matches, players will allegation to baddest the “Special Event” button on Rocket League‘s capital card screen.


    Meanwhile, those cast new Haunted Hallows Crates can be purchased anon from animate food — instead of RNG awarded at the end of levels. Purchasing from the food alleviates the allegation for Keys or Decryptors, because absolute purchases will appear unlocked. While this does accessible up a new acquirement beck in an about card-pack like system, the advantage to acquire all of these items organically via in-game play (albeit with a grind) is a bit added agreeable than contempo versions.